When it’s forreal, it’s forever. 😘👌👫👶 (at #MCM😘)

Good morning! Rise && Grind .. 👋😃☀️

Oh yes, he’s definitely Man Candy Material .. my #MCE , #MCM😘 (at Hey baby! 👋😘)

Oh yes, that’s Man Candy. 24/7 ..😘 #MCM, #MCE (at Hey baby! 👋😘)

Happy birthday to my bestfriend, my king, the best boyfriend ever♥ .. I’m glad we shared yet another year together , to celebrate his big day. I love you so much baby!! @a_wise_man_ .


Thank you baby. I love you too! Happy Valentine’s Day♥ @a_wise_man_ ..

I’ve never used this filter before && I thought it would make me look “less sick”.. didn’t work. #StillSmiling. 😷😢😫😕

Have a wonderful day beauties..😘😌😊

Take me as I am♥..

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Erykah Badu & André 3000


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Obliqua, ultra-thin thermostatic shower column by Zazzeri

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